#22 - Adrienne Kress

This is Episode #22 and today I am welcoming author Adrienne Kress to the show and then chatting about three fantastic books featuring famous people or people who should be famous.

#21 - The Power of Poetry

Since April is National Poetry month, our show today is all about celebrating the power of poetry! I’ll share with you a couple poetry resources to help you enjoy poetry more with your students and kids, and then chat about some fabulous books - from picture books to poetry anthologies to novels in verse.  

#18 - Interview with Paul Goat Allen

This is Episode #18 and today we have a interview with genre fiction book critic Paul Goat Allen, I’ll discuss three novels featuring spunky female leads, and then I’ll answer a question about the books featured on our last episode on March Book Madness.

#8 - Tracking Your Reading Life

In Episode #8, we’re talking about keeping track of your reading life, three incredible new school-centered novels, and I’ll answer a question about how to talk with kids about their book when you haven’t read it.

#4 - Four Ways to Make Time For Reading

This is Episode #4 and today we’re talking about four ways to make time for reading, three sports-related middle grade novels in honor of the Olympics, and I’ll answer a question about what books to recommend for a kid who wants to read something funny.